How much of your future would you sacrifice in order to preserve the past? Sarah Burns is a mother and wife, but in 1865 she gave up her life in Australia to return to Britain. Granddaughter of Robert Burns, Sarah is the forgotten guardian of her family’s legacy, it is due to her that the world remembers Burns with so much devotion. What did Sarah have to sacrifice in order to preserve a memory that was not her own and was it worth it? Sister piece to 2018 hit, Armour: A Herstory of the Scottish Bard.



Musical Theatre Review

"The tensions are reflected in Shonagh Murray’s wonderful score and songs. There is a great deal to relish here with references both lyrical and musical to Burns’ own work and the sweeping soundscape Murray brings to the piece, keeping it moving at a steady pace. "

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The List

"An interesting window into a family we know so little about. This show is delivered with passion and commitment by all four performers, and brings us a little closer to knowing where, how and why Burns' popularity endures. "

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"There is no doubting the emotional sincerity at the heart of this play...the heartfelt nature of the performance cannot be denied."

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Broadway World

"An informative and entertaining hour that highlights that the legacy of the Scottish Bard wasn't just what he wrote down.

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The Awkward Corner

"Lovely duets and a spectacular quartet during “I Wish I Was Enough” show off the talented vocals of the four, and the gorgeous harmonies. The music is strong and very moving."

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Audience Feedback

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