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★★★ Fest


How much of your future would you sacrifice in order to preserve the past?


Sarah Burns is a mother and wife, but in 1865 she gave up her life in Australia to return to Britain. Granddaughter of Robert Burns, Sarah is the forgotten guardian of her family's legacy; it is due to her that the world remembers Burns with so much devotion.


What did Sarah have to sacrifice in order to preserve a memory that was not her own, and was it worth it?


Sister piece to 2018 EdFringe hit, Armour: A Herstory of the Scottish Bard.

Previous Performances

Rose Theatre Basement

Gilded Balloon

Edinburgh International Fringe Festival 

Edinburgh, Scotland

August 2019

Technical Specifications

Lighting Considerations

Required lighting:
Lighting desk suitable to control at least 3 – 7 conventional lights – Preferably able to program and save lighting cues

All required cables
Required lighting fixtures:
3 x Par cans/ fresnels

  • A minimum of 3 par cans/fresnels with barn doors for 3 sectioned washes on the stage but can merge to make one clean wash.

  • One focused SL – to cover down and upstage for locations within Australia

  • One focused Centre - to cover down and upstage

  • One focused SR - to cover down and upstage for locations within Scotland

Preferable Lighting fixtures:
2 x Profiles
2 x additional par cans/fresnels

  • A profile to be focused downstage centre – “Sarah light” for letter (to also be used by Annie) and final songs

  • Another Profile to be focused on an aisle (centre or house right, dependent on what exists) within the audience for entrances happening within the house

  • A moving light with the ability to sweep - to provide effect of statue being unveiled

  • Another par can to be focused on Piano

  • Gels to provide blue tones

Sound Considerations

Small indoor venue
13Amp plug socket to plug in electric piano (provided by fearless players)

Medium to Large or outdoor venue
PA system with 1⁄4 inch jack to plug into piano or equivalent
Standard float mics – either hanging or placed at front of stage to amplify actors on stage

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