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It’s been forty years of highs and lows for Andy and Eleanor since their romance began doon the J.M. Ballroom, but through it all they have always had each other. The life they built together has turned out differently from how they thought it would but with a record player, an old LP and a box of memories maybe they can find that life again, even if it’s just for an afternoon.  

Fearless Players, working with Alzheimer Scotland, present a short musical film based on the real life stories of people living with dementia in Dundee. The piece is influenced by everyone with whom we spoke, so whilst Andy and Eleanor are not directly based on any one person, their story is inspired by all those involved. It has been such a gift to work on this project and we are so grateful to our collaborators for being so open and welcoming and most importantly for trusting us with their stories.

The J.M Ballroom, originally St David’s Church, was located on Tay Street in Dundee. It was purchased and transformed into a popular dance hall by Mr J.M.Wallace and first opened its doors in 1954. The building continued under various names and identities over the years until sadly it burned down in October 1994. The site where it stood is only a few minutes walk from Dundee Rep, where the piece was filmed. 

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Eleanor Annie Ross

Andy Barrie Hunter

Creative Team

Writer and Director Lydia Davidson 

Writer, Composer and Musical Director Shonagh Murray

Choreography Luigi Nardone

Videography Bonnie Brae Productions

UPDATE Saturdays Doon the JM.jpg
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