About Us

Fearless Players are a female led collective of actors, writers and theatre makers collaborating to create new, innovative and fearless theatre. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of theatre and creating work that excites and intrigues. We met at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and created the company after graduating in 2017. 

"But What's the key about?"

Well, that's a good question! The fearless key is what began this journey we call 'Fearless Players'. 


Sit back. Relax. And let us tell you a tale...


It begins in America with two friends, Sydni and Bea. Bea was readying herself to complete her final year at  James Madison University, Virginia. Knowing that at the end of the year she would be crossing the Atlantic to study abroad Sydni bought Bea a key.


Ah, but it was no ordinary key. This was a 'Giving Key'. The idea behind the giving keys is that you embrace the word on your key until you find someone who needs it more than you...


You know where this is going right?


When she arrived in Scotland she met Lydia. Lydia and Bea became friends and one fateful day Lydia confided in her about the tough two years that had lead her to their meeting.  Bea realised she had found someone who needed it more and handed Lydia the key whilst saying:


"This is because you are brave and you are fearless, you just don't know it yet".


During the 10 months, Lydia had the key, she began to dream up a future, and part of that future was Fearless Theatre! And thus, 'Fearless Players' was born!


The key now resides on a small Island, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta. 


So from Virginia to Scotland and now Malta the key continues its fine work inspiring the wearer to live Fearlessly!


And here at Fearless Players, we continue its legacy. 


Here's to being FEARLESS!